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Valuation engagements involve arriving at an objective opinion of estimated value of an ownership interest in a business entity at a given point in time.

On every valuation engagement, J&J CPA, LLC serves in one of the following roles:

  • An independent consultant, performing an objective valuation of the company or a specific interest in the company

  • An advisor, determining and negotiating a value that is most beneficial to the client’s position


In Puerto Rico and beyond, J&J CPA, LLC has been involved in hundreds of matrimonial actions where we have represented plaintiffs or defendants or have been court appointed.  These engagements were undertaken to discover undisclosed assets, ascertain net worth requiring the valuation of all assets, and to determine income streams.


Valuations of privately held business enterprises and professional practices have been performed in connection with matrimonial proceedings. In other cases, the need was for enhanced earnings capacity valuations of educational degrees and professional licenses.

Our firm is committed to providing the highest quality of professional service to our clients and the courts. To that end, all partners and staff members involved in the estate, gift, trust and valuation area are required to attend conferences, seminars and educational courses on the most recent developments, court cases and changes in tax laws, including the latest techniques in asset and business valuations.

We provide prompt and proficient services to all of our clients.
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